Its been a busy start to the year for us at Arcane Projects on the Movie Tshirts front. If you are visiting us for the first time (Hi! Welcome!) then you may not be aware that this is our 3rd incarnation of the Arcane Movie Tees website.

The feedback since launching the the new look has been really positive and has allowed us to FINALLY concentrate on getting our teeth into our ever expanding pipeline of ‘designs to be completed’.

We have added a Die Hard inspired Movie Tshirt to our range and we have finally added a new ‘Suspects’ Movie Tshirt too.

The Die Hard design is pretty self explanatory. Its one we have had completed for quite a while but for one reason or another we never got the Tshirts printed. Well, now we have…

Our Batman villains inspired Movie Tshirt – ‘Gotham Suspects’ – caused a little controversy here. The line up was subject to a very heated ‘debate’ about who should or should not be in it. I’m happy with the outcome and feel we got the right characters in. Feel free to comment if you disagree and we may put a ‘B Team’ together!

Gotham Suspects is available here:

I’ll follow up shortly with some info on some of our other recent releases, but feel to check them out for yourselves in the meantime.