T-Shirts, hooded Tops, caps, Mens Tees, Girls T shirts and other apparel inspired by the movie Enter The Dragon. All of our T-shirts pay homage to the movies.

  • Han's-TournamentHan's-Tournament

    Enter The Dragon Cap – Han’s Tournament

    This movie Cap is inspired by Enter The Dragon (1973)

    “Gentlemen, welcome. You honor our island. I look forward to a tournament of truly epic proportions.”

    This Movie Cap is inspired by the ultimate Martial Arts classic. Starring Bruce Lee, Enter The Dragon has to be the most famous Movie of its genre. The T-shirt design pays homage to the epic Tournament of Martial Arts, that is held on Han’s Island.

    • Low profile Cotton screen printed Cap
    • Fabric size adjuster
    • Yellow print available on black
    • Yellow peak edging

    No Copyright infringement is intended in this design

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