So, it’s our turn finally!

On Sunday the 2oth November we will be hosting #MTOS.

What is #MTOS?

See here for more details if you don’t already know.


We will be giving away 3 tees and a poster to the responses we think are most worthy. These will be announced the day after this weeks #MTOS finishes.


This weeks theme is DUELS; we are simply setting up a duel between movies/characters/actors and leaving it up to you and your opinions of each to decide if there is a clear winner.


  1.  Arnie vs Sly ? A simple starter question
  2. Re-makes v Originals ? Are there any remakes better than the originals?
  3. Connery v Moore v Craig v Brosnan v Lazenby v Dalton ? the names Bond, James Bond!
  4. Pacino v DeNiro ? Both brilliant but who has made the least turkeys!
  5. Joker v Joker / Nicholson v Ledger ? Was ledger over-hyped?!
  6. The Shining: movie v book ? Stephen King was critical, what do you think?
  7. Raging Bull v The Fighter ? A real fight on our hands!
  8. Pulp fiction v Reservoir Dogs ? A straight duel between 2 Tarantino classics
  9. Pixar / dreamworks v Manga / Ghibli ? Most men wont admit that they prefer Pixar to Manga? will you?
  10. Lord of the Rings v Star Wars ? The classic argument, let the geekfest commence!

See you SUNDAY on twitter.

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